How can I resize an Image?

Click here for a video tutorial on resizing images.

Click here to watch a video tutorial on resizing images.

Before proceeding, to the steps below, IrfanView (a free imaging program that is useful for both resizing and cropping photos) must be uploaded on to your computer. If you do not currently have IrfanView, How do I download IrfanView (free image program useful for cropping / resizing images)? will walk you through the downloading process.

1. Once IrfanView has been Installed, the first step is to open the program. You may do so by double-clicking on the icon shown below on your desktop.

IrfanView Icon

2. The next step is to open the photo that needs to be resized. Click on the File tab and scroll down to Open, as shown in the picture below.

How to open a picture inside IrfanView

3. The image that needs to be resized should appear. Click on the Image tab and scroll down to Resize/Resample.

Image Tab - Resize Resample button

4. After clicking on Resize/Resample a new window will pop up. The first thing to do is to make sure the checkbox next to "Preserve aspect ratio" is ckecked - this option makes it so that when you type in a new width for the image, the height scales, so the image will not be stretched or skewed.

Resize/Resample Image 5. Type in a new width or height (as shown above), and the opposite dimension will be filled in auto-magically. If the image that is being resized is to be used on CMS, the maximum width that will fix on the site is 500 pixels.

6. Then, once your image is sized correctly, click OK.

7. Now save the image under a new name, incase you need to use the pre-cropped image again. Click on the File tab and scroll down to Save As.

Save as New Picture